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LiveSupportOnTheNet was formed in direct response to consumer demand for an immediate, reliable, low-cost solution providing technical support on a wide variety of hardware, software and Internet issues.

LiveSupportOnTheNet is part of a family of innovative companies that began as a specialized hardware manufacturer, grew to a pioneering Internet Service Provider, and has expanded to include a Web-leading multimedia portal and ally to tens of thousands of small businesses learning to profit from the Internet.

Some notable projects have included production of the first live webcast from Carnegie Hall, the on-line production of the official 1996 Democratic National Convention, live in-car cameras from NASCAR races, the official webcast from the Cannes Film Festival and much more. Millions of Internet surfers have visited our sites and events for cutting edge digitized productions and webcasts.

In addition, our cost-effective Web solutions for small businesses have helped tens of thousands of small businesses take their first step in exploring and harnessing the power of the Internet.

Throughout this broad array of business and entertainment activities on the Web, it became clear that a missing component in the world of the Internet was truly effective technical support for online consumers. Active online consumers are the building blocks on which all e-commerce, online media and indeed the entire Web economy is based.

LiveSupportOnTheNet is a dynamic, innovative new service that helps online consumers make the most of their Internet connection by helping them solve a wide collection of common technical problems. The service and its underlying technologies were tailored to help the same Internet users -- young and old, novice or advanced users - that our company has been assisting since 1994. We're pleased and proud to offer this exciting new service to all of us who could use a little technical support.

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